Uploading a File

Screenshot of File Upload menu
Screenshot of File Upload menu

Files can be uploaded for use in Cascade CMS. PDFs can be linked within a text region or a promo button, and should open in a new window. Images should be uploaded to the _cdncontent site.

To upload a file to your site:

  1. Select the Add Content button, then select the file option
  2. In the File Name field, enter a name for your file. If you prefer to use the filename of the file you're uploading, leave this field blank and it will be filled automatically when a file is selected.
  3. In the Placement Folder field, choose the folder where the file(s) should be uploaded.
  4. Select the file to upload by clicking the Choose link or by dragging and dropping files from your computer into the dotted drop zone. 
  5. Click Preview Draft and Submit.