Creating Hyperlinks

There are two types of hyperlinks: Internal and External.

An internal hyperlink links to another page or asset within your site, while an external hyperlink links to a page or asset outside of your site.

To create internal and external links:

  1. While in Edit mode on your page, select the text (click and drag) that you would like to convert to a hyperlink.
  2. Click the Insert/edit link button on the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  3. Select the link type: Internal or External
  4. For an Internal Link:
    1. Select the Choose a File, Page or Link button and navigate to file, page or link you want
    2. Select the Choose button. The dialog box closes and the confirmed path is displayed under the Link Source box
    3. Select your Target from the Target drop down list; None or New window
    4. Select the OK button
  5. For an External Link:
    1. Enter the complete URL (including the 'https://') of the web site that you wish to link to in the Link Source box
    2. Select New Window from the Target drop down list
    3. Select the OK button