Hermes Rollout Plan and Status

In summer 2020, University Communications and Web Services (the “University web team”) launched the first site — the main website — in the new "Hermes" system, culminating more than a year of work in planning and rebuilding the University’s web infrastructure. This web refresh is being guided by four main goals:

  • Modernize the technical infrastructure and site performance
  • Optimize content strategy through data analytics
  • Improve compliance with web accessibility guidelines
  • Infuse the University’s brand expression

Following the initial launch, the web team began the process of transitioning the University’s other 125+ websites into the Hermes infrastructure — a process that will take approximately 18-24 months. That work began with the highest-impact student recruitment sites (admission and financial aid) and the academic school sites, as well as sites for some new/existing institutional priorities.

Current status

  • For the remainder of the fall 2022 semester and the beginning of the spring 2023 semester, the web team’s queue is filled with the next batch of site migrations/builds, and the team will not be able to engage in any additional new work.
  • This work will be done in several, rolling batches over the coming months, and the web team will reach out to university website owners/editors to initiate the work as their sites move into the queue. 
  • New website project requests brought to the web team during the overall Hermes rollout period will be evaluated per the criteria above and slotted into the ongoing project queue as the team is able to do so.

Completed Migrations/Builds (a sampling)