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What's New in KP4

If you’ve ever had a conversation with us about site updates, then you’ve heard us refer to our web system as some variation of “KP.” It’s just a nickname we use to refer to different versions of the site. Currently, we’re updating sites from KP3 into the newest version, KP4.

In KP4, there are some big changes and some subtle changes, but they all make the user experience easier and more polished. Here are the highlights, but don’t worry — we’ll work with you on the specifics of your site.

Flexible Page Types

Don’t get hung up on templates — we’ve simplified the process. We start with a header and an image, then build every page uniquely, giving us more flexibility. Home pages can do a lot or a little, depending on content needs. Gateways and galleries are being used less frequently, but secondaries have a lot more power. See examples of our page types and the components of a secondary page.

Responsive Images

With KP4 comes four image ratios to rule them all. No more secondaries, stamps, mains, talls, wides, showcases, super promos, or gigantors. Just four image ratios (1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and 16:9) that, when loaded into Cascade, automatically create all seven specific image sizes (known as “breakpoints”) that the system needs. This way, we’re able to display the most appropriate size image based on the user’s device, reducing page load time. See our responsive image breakdown.

Fully Responsive Design

It’s not just our images that are responsive; everything in KP4 is. No matter your device, you get the same content. Our site is designed to recognize the size of device you’re using and deliver you the appropriate size of everything, from images to navigation. So you’ll see a full navigation bar on your desktop and a collapsed menu bar on mobile, but the content is all the same. See examples of our responsive design.

Nested Subnavigation

In KP4, you’ll notice that the subnavigation has moved from the right side to the left side of the page, and includes “nested” pages (think of it as an outline), giving users the ability to view all of a folder’s available pages in one place. This way, users aren’t getting lost down a rabbit hole of subpages, and can always get back to the beginning. Adding subnavigation is now automatic, but you can control whether a page appears in it by editing the page’s metadata. See the components of a secondary page.

“Feedable” Promos

Updating your homepage promos just got a whole lot easier. In KP4, we can create promos as “feedable” assets (similar to calendar events or feature stories) that we can then plug into your page by an ID number. So if you have a schedule of when you like to promote certain pages at certain times, we can create them all at once, then give you the ability to update them as needed.

Content Mashup Options

We aren’t abandoning the feature story, we just have a lot more options to tell your stories. Whether you have a 600-word feature, a single photo and caption, a brief news item about a faculty member, a video, an official news release, or a simple infographic, we can display them all in a combined feed. We can also break out individual feeds, depending on your site and content.