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Secondary and Gateway Page Templates

Secondary Page

The purpose of a secondary page is to display content. In addition to the copy region, a secondary page may include: beige sub-navigation; up to five blue related link promos; and up to two gray text box promos. Every secondary page must have a minimum of one item (promo or sub-navigation) in the promo region. If present, sub-navigation always appears at the top of the promo region. Any blue related link promos must be placed above any gray text promos.


Within the promo region, Cascade editors have the ability to add and edit both related-link and text promos, as well as a social media share widget.

Related link promos allow the editor to add page-specific links to related online content. Related links should have no more than 30 characters, including spaces.

Use the text promo option to either set up an external link, or to expand on information within the body copy of the page.

Text promos may be no longer than 300 words and cannot include images or logos. All text within the promo must be set to "paragraph" style. Further formatting, such as bold, italic, or use of headings is not permitted.

If a text promo includes a form, the form may have no more than two fields. It must not duplicate any existing form elsewhere on the site and must directly relate to the content of the page on which it appears.

Some secondary pages include a large image at the top. These are only used in certain situations:

  • When the page corresponds to stamp or main promo on a home page or a gateway (in which case the same image is used in the promos and on the page)
  • When the page is listed on the main navigation bar


Gateways are used in some situations as alternatives to the secondary page template. They facilitate wayfinding for content-heavy sites. When there is a clear hierarchy, a five-box gateway can be used to link to five, nine, or thirteen webpages, with one line of explanatory copy for five of these. A six-nine-twelve gateway can be used to link to six, nine, or twelve webpages with one to two words describing each.

5-Box Gateway

6-9-12 Box Gateway

Special Circumstances

Please contact the director of Web and editorial strategy to discuss a special webpage need, such as a Web presence to promote a high-profile initiative of the University. Additional templates may be developed in such cases.

What can I edit?

Editors within campus units have the ability to edit the copy and promo regions on any secondary page.

Given the complexity of producing and managing high-quality imagery consistently across the Richmond domain, University Communications handles all gateway pages as well as all imagery on secondary pages.

To request a change to a gateway page, to an image, or to the sub-navigation, please submit a Web Change Request.